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Tiny House Village New Home Community in Flagstaff

The growing trend of tiny homes has reached Northern Arizona. Located in the center of Flagstaff is a first of its kind: Tiny House Village. Here, residents can embrace the peace downsizing brings without sacrificing a sense of community.

Hope Construction, the local energy efficient construction company behind Tiny House Village, makes things easy by offering 6 different floor plans to choose from. Or, you can bring your own tiny house! In the Tiny House Village neighborhood, residents can enjoy the affordability of small home living while still having the luxury of a yard. Cost savings meets freedom. What’s not to love about this development?

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Pads 1- 5 Floor Plan F

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Pads 8-16 Floor Plan B

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Pad 6 & Pad 7 Floor Plan E

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Pad 17 & Pad 20 Floor Plan C

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Pad 18 & Pad 19 Floor Plan D

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Pads 21-24 Floor Plan A

Living Small Could Be Perfect for You.

Wish you could travel more? Looking to downsize now that all of the kids are out of the house? Or maybe you’re just longing for a home and outdoor space that are more energy efficient. These are just a few reasons people are choosing to make the switch to a tiny home. These small, cabin-style dwellings are much more cost-effective than building a regular-sized home from scratch. You’ll be amazed at the long-term cost savings too! Tiny house living can bring your dreams to fruition in more ways than one.

Our small houses are ideal for:

Empty Nesters

Second Home Owners



Adventure Seekers

Starter Home Buyers

Looking to Downsize


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Tiny House Village has lots available for those wishing to bring their own already-built mini homes to Flagstaff. These lots are available for those moving one from an existing location or looking for a piece of land to place a brand new one on. We only ask that you follow a few simple guidelines.

A community of tiny homes and less-tiny homes

People all across the country are choosing to downsize for a number of reasons. Whether they’re newly empty nesters with lots of wasted space or young singles who are looking to buy their first home, a growing number of people are finding that tiny houses are the solution to their housing dreams.


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