About Flagstaff’s only

Tiny House Village

The Newest Brainchild from Hope Construction.

About Tiny House Village in Flagstaff

Tiny House Village Flagstaff is brought to you by the green building experts at Hope Construction. Hope Construction is known for their superior craftsmanship, attention-to-detail, and efficient project planning and budgeting. You can expect that same level of professionalism when it comes to the new Tiny House Village.

Man Sitting On Stairs in Tiny House Village Home

Why Tiny House Village?

Hope Construction takes immense pride in designing and building efficient homes and commercial buildings with smaller carbon footprints. A Tiny House Community simply makes sense to further this mission.

While the popularity and enthusiasm for tiny houses is growing in popularity across the U.S., inclusive zoning laws are not. It can be a struggle to find a piece of land to set up a tiny home on. We believe in providing affordable, eco-friendly housing options for all residents of the Flagstaff community.

Big Ideas, Tiny Houses.

Some believe that tiny houses are the way of the future. A growing number of people are discovering all of the benefits they offer: Less clutter, lower bills, less debt, more quality time with loved ones, and more freedom, to name a few. We hope that Tiny House Village will further pave the way into making tiny homes mainstream, all while providing local residents with affordable, sustainable housing.

Flagstaff has some of the highest rental prices in the state. While the Village will require lot rental due to its nature, this will be significantly less than renting a home or even an apartment in the area. Skip the high mortgage and traditional renting costs. Go with a tiny home.

Jenn & David with Their Dog Standing On Future Site of Tiny House Village Development

Professional Construction Since 2006.

The Tiny House Village is no DIY project. These houses may be small, but they are anything but simple. Creating energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes and commercial buildings is the name of our game. The creation of Tiny House Village is no different. Careful thought has gone into the design, materials, and construction of our small and tiny homes. Hope Construction builds to last. We want you to be as happy with your tiny house decades from now as you were the day you moved in!

turf in the yard of the community center for cornhole
the yard games at the community center
View from the community center at the tiny house village